1. thetalkingfowl 2.0

    A revamped version of thetalkingfowl minimal wordpress theme. Foundation-based, instagram feed, off-canvas menu
  2. Bootstrap vs Foundation: A case for using foundation

    Why i keep coming back to zurb's foundation CSS framework


My name is Tolu , a Web Developer and Solutions Architect who specializes in SharepointDrupal, and Wordpress. I am located in Houston, Texas.

In the Daytime...

I shape business needs into Web-based solutions. You will typically find me, in different stages of a project lifecycle, battling .NET applications, Microsoft SQL Servers, Sharepoint Sites, Themes, and Webparts.

In the Nighttime...

I cheat with open-source technologies like Wordpress , Drupal , and Magento. I plan, design, and create solutions for clients using tried and tested technology and methodologies . I am a freelance web developer.